About Us

The widest experience with human sense.

A Professional Background on Service

Since its incorporation, our company has had a commitment to clients, guaranteeing that projects placed in our charge are in the best hands and this has always been the case since 2007 when we started in Colombia to attend Engineering services. and Consulting in the energy sector.

The founding team of the company who had extensive experience in the natural gas chain very soon incorporated qualified human talent in other hydrocarbons such as GLP, liquid fuels, oil, and more recently in renewable energies, thus forming a group which today offers solidity and support to your projects in any of the branches of the energy industry.

Since its origins, the Company's Management has opted for the team's vocation of service, in such a way that since 2010 our organization has been certified under the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards, certificates to which the Norsok later added; In the last period, the Integrated Management System migrated from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 and to guarantee biosafety operations, all Biosafety Protocols were included in the management.

Around the same time in 2010, our company became a member of ICONTEC, and acting as an affiliate it participates in the gas sector standardization committees in which it has contributed to the development of numerous standards and even currently accredits the Presidency of the GLP standardization committee.

In the long journey since its first step in the energy sector, DELVASTO & ECHEVERRÍA has consolidated a great record of successes in the work carried out both for state entities which determine energy policy in different countries and for private sector companies developing projects which carry energy to final consumers.

During the company's extensive transit in the Latin American market, it has served government and private clients in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Panama.

With the achievements obtained in the satisfaction of our clients, we opened a new office in Panama City in 2018, with which we seek to be closer to our clients in Central America and support with our experience the energy development of this beautiful region.

We know that our organization is consolidated today as a benchmark for services to the energy industry and that it has high-quality standards in each of the processes we perform, which represents a positive challenge in the years to come accompanying multiple energy projects.


Comprehensively develop engineering and consulting projects and services in the energy sector.


To be the leaders in Latin America in the performance of engineering and consulting projects and services in the energy sector by 2023.


Comprehensive Management Policy

We are committed to developing projects and services within the current technical and legal framework, focused on the satisfaction of stakeholders and continuous improvement in each of our processes, guiding our staff and contractors to the prevention of injuries, occupational diseases. , eliminating hazards and reducing risks, with greater participation and consultation of personnel, providing safe and healthy working conditions.

Our commitment also extends to preventing pollution of the environment, controlling significant environmental aspects and impacts.