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Experts From Delvasto & Echeverría Are Specialized In Energy


Gisela Echeverría Montañez

General Manager

She is a Petroleum Engineer from the Universidad de America with See more than twenty-five years of experience in projects in the energy sector; she is a Specialist in Business Administration from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in Spain, and she also has a Master's Degree in Business Creation and Direction from the University of Nebrija also in Spain.

In her professional career, she has held management positions in companies in the energy sector for extensive periods.

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Gustavo Adolfo Delvasto Jaimes

He is a Mechanical Engineer from the Universidad de Los Andes; he is also a Doctor in Project Management from EAN University; he has a Specialization in Gas Engineering from the University of Calgary in Canada and he also has a Master's Degree in Organizations Management from the University of Quebec au Chicoutimi also in Canada.

He has See more than twenty-five years of experience in the energy industry where he has held positions at all levels which have given him solid knowledge and extensive experience to develop projects in the energy sector.

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Ricardo Delvasto Jaimes

He is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from the Universidad del Cauca; He is a Specialist in Telecommunications from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia where he also took doctorate studies in the same area; he is currently a candidate for a Master's degree in renewable energy with a degree granted by the Universidad Iberoamericana Internacional.

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Martin Ricardo Moreno Peña

Mechanical Engineer from the Universidad Nacional of Colombia he is Specialist in Administration and Quality Systems Management from the Santo Tomas University; additionally, he studied and approved the integral management program PID of the Edime INALDE Business School.

He counts with 20 years of experience in process optimization, operations and quality management in the natural gas public service sector.

He is technical specialist in DELVASTO&ECHEVERRÍA since 2021 for different projects that are developed by the firm in the energy sector.

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Víctor Alvarado Fernández

He is a Bachelor of Law and Political Science from the University of Panama; he has an MBA in Administrative Management from the Fluminense Federal University of Brazil and a Master's Degree in Criminal Law from the Institute of Legal Studies of Nicaragua; he is also a Specialist in Higher Teaching from the University of Panama.

He is an acting lawyer with extensive experience in the public sector due to his performance as a retired Police Commissioner of the National Aeronaval Service and Director of the Office for Monitoring the Citizen Security Strategy of the Ministry of Public Security.

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Guido Gasca Delvasto

He is an Environmental and Sanitary Engineer from the University of La Salle, he is a Specialist in Occupational Health from the University of Los Llanos and a Specialist in Environmental Law from the Externado de Colombia University.

He is the General Manager of the company specialized in environment Bosques, Suelos y Aguas, and since 2015 he is an Associate Consultant of DELVASTO & Echeverría for the environmental aspects of projects of the energy sector of the company's clients.

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Julio Enrique Delvasto Echeverría

Chemical Engineer from Swansea University in United Kingdom, he is a candidate for a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the same University. He has a professional experience that has been carried out in ​​renewable energies and he is also attending design in process plants.

He works as an external consultant for the UK-based company and he attends Research & Development (R&D) projects with direct reporting to the company's Management.

He currently leads for Delvasto & Echeverria Asociados the search for new information technologies (IT) and projects that can be incorporated for the optimization of the organization.

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