Consulting Director / Manager Panama Office

Gustavo Adolfo Delvasto Jaimes

He is a Mechanical Engineer from the Universidad de Los Andes; he is also a Doctor in Project Management from EAN University; he has a Specialization in Gas Engineering from the University of Calgary in Canada and he also has a Master's Degree in Organizations Management from the University of Quebec au Chicoutimi also in Canada.

He has more than twenty-five years of experience in the energy industry where he has held positions at all levels which have given him solid knowledge and extensive experience to develop projects in the energy sector.

He is an expert in fuel gases for legal processes of different nature, participating in at least thirty cases in which he performed specialized technical expertise with the corresponding presentations before courts.

For about thirteen years he held the position of Technical Manager of Llanogas S.A., ESP, carrying out within his duties in that company the direction of planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance for all expansion and existing projects. with which that company serves its markets.

As a technical expert in the gas sector, he is currently the President of the ICONTEC LNG standardization committee, where he represents DELVASTO & Echeverría as a company affiliated to the Institute.

In the last thirteen years, he has held the position of Consulting Director at DELVASTO & ECHEVERRIA, and currently, he is the Manager of the company's Panama Office. In performing his position, he has directed more than one hundred projects in the natural gas, GLP, and oil chains, especially in technical matters related to the engineering of gas pipelines, pipelines, and oil pipelines.