Consultant for renewable energy projects and telecommunications

Ricardo Delvasto Jaimes

He is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from the Universidad del Cauca; He is a Specialist in Telecommunications from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia where he also took doctorate studies in the same area; he is currently a candidate for a Master's degree in renewable energy with a degree granted by the Universidad Iberoamericana Internacional.

As a telecommunications specialist, he has extensive experience in SCADA systems projects for the energy industry, participating in all implementation phases such as feasibility, design, construction management, and Projects Management; within other activities of his experience, he has directed the implementation of macro-projects in data networks, control systems, and electronic security.

Due to his experience as a retired officer of the Colombian Air Force in the specialty of Aeronautical Administration, he has a long record in positions of high responsibility in operational, logistical, and technical matters in the telecommunications and aeronautical sectors.

He has been a consultant for DELVASTO & Echeverría since 2010 for projects related to renewable energy and in those projects, which include SCADA and telecommunications.